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i had this little revelation about life today…
the various “bibles” and holy books
they all basically tell the same story
about how life started out great, in paradise even.. total harmony
but then.. some shit crept in
and the shit began to get a foothold
and it gets worse and worse until..
its cancer is so widespread, that destruction is imminent
then there’s a choice to be made by the general population
ultimately to change and rid themselves of the cancer, or to succumb to it
this cycle repeats in loops through generations
and there are greater cycles of the same above and below it
it’s infinite
the only question left then is ..
do you work for the Light or the dark?
well.. the Mayan “calendar” details this but down to the very last detail
it’s mathematical precision
the tedious part is that you need to check yourself for cancer every (x=time_interval)
and ask yourself every day, many times.. “do i work for the Light or the dark?”
what is my motivation?
what is my intent?
what are my desires?
these questions are constant and permeate me.