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Educational – A system born of the concept that an education of basic facts and information will make a stronger citizen who contributes their ideas and efforts to the whole has degraded into a system where thought and interest is steered in a direction deemed “acceptable” by those in charge of the political control system. Any analytical examination of this system quickly shows the extent of the corruption, unproductive and wasteful practices.

Political – These systems are ultimately created as a result of attempting to appoint “representatives” to convey the best interests of those they represent to other groups, either domestic or international. The “many” have become disenchanted and distrustful of this system because accountability and responsibility have been undermined over time. Ultimately, the self-governed and self-responsible person or group needs no outside representative, since they represent themselves.

Financial – A system which was once based on inherent value and finite resources such as silver, gold or other commodities has been replaced largely by fantasy and an elaborately cultivated belief that somehow something that can be simply printed at will and is not finite or limited can retain any sort of real or inherent value simply because we’re told it’s so.

Religious – A system created by a general desire to explain our purpose(s) here in a greater context. Most people generally feel connected to something higher or more substantial than themselves alone and need a template in order to understand and explain these feelings to themselves. This has eroded into various systems where some are accepted as a part and some are not regardless of the desire of the ostracized to be included or accepted for their own beliefs.